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A Brand New Showroom is Opened in Ternopil

It is very pleasant to have new Viknar’off showrooms opened in its hometown, Ternopil. They become the examples to follow for the entire region and even other regions, too. So, the new opening couldn’t be overlooked either by the company executives and managers or by the city citizens. The latter now have the opportunity to purchase top quality products, proven both by time and the customers.

The opening ceremony was held on June, 30. The showroom is located in a busy place, on the premises of the central bus station of the city. Its cosy design and qualified consultant-managers are ready to bend their every effort to satisfy the taste of the most fastidious client.

We can’t but mention the owners of the new showroom, who managed two openings within one month. Clearly, only people with excellent professional skills and human traits, as well as fresh views into the better tomorrow can build such an intelligent, gifted and loyal team made up of true masters of their craft. The team is very close-knit and highly professional, so none of your requests will be left unanswered.

Visit the new showroom at Passage Trade Centre, 7 Zhyvova Str., Ternopil

Phone: 098 360 60 60