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Viknar’off Funds the Ukraine Cup Carting Competition

Vroom of the engines and gasoline odor fills the grounds of the renovated carting track in Ternopil.

The National сarting сompetition among the schoolchildren was held on July 1-3.

Within the framework of the project “Viknar’off™: caring for the future”, our company readily funded the event.

Far from every adult can boast the driving skills close to those demonstrated by the schoolboys and girls in this competition.

Over 80 sportsmen from across Ukraine aged 6-18 made a lasting impression upon the spectators, who truly enjoyed the extreme races.

Among the participants there were also the members of carting working teams from the Ternopil Regional Municipal Scientific-Technical Schoolchildren Centre and the Ternopil

Station of Young Engineers.

Viknar’off ™ congratulates the winners and participants of the competition and expresses its gratitude for the spectacular show. Active youth is the future of Ukraine!