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Prizewinners of the Promo “Want to Come into Money – Purchase Viknar’off ™ Window”

The top prize – 200,000 UAH has finally found its winners. On June 1, Viknar’off ™ conducted a giveway for end consumers titled “Want to Come into Money – Purchase Viknar’off ™ Window”. The promo started on April 1 and lasted till May 31, 2016. During this time, every customer who ordered promotional structures at any point of sales became a participant of the promo. The winners were drawn via RandomPicker – an independent online service helping to draw winners randomly, ensuring fair and transparent procedure.

Winners of the Promo

We send our greetings to the winners of the promo. Follow our updates and don’t miss out on the new chances to win your prize from Viknar’off ™.