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VIKNAR’OFF™ at “Faine Misto- the Territory of Free People” Festival

On July 7-10, the area of the Ternopil airport was crowded with people from across Ukraine. A surge of smiles, drive and positive emotions could be obtained in abundance at the “Faine Misto” festival in Ternopil.  Viknar’off™ couldn’t stay on the sidelines. This year, it was the prime sponsor of the festival. No visitor left  Viknar’off UFO Stage unnoticed, as it was distinguished not only by its sound, but also the shape.

Viknar’off UFO Stage attracted spectators like a magnet with music from the best deejays of Ukraine who played played their club motives there from night till dawn. Trance, dubstep, drum and bass and other kinds of electronic music along with an unbelievable freak show aroused a blast of emotions at the “Faine Misto” festival.

The prime sponsor of the event – Viknar’off ™ expresses its gratitude to the festival  organizers and to all its visitors who were sharing its incredible atmosphere with our company at the Viknar’off Ufo Stage for 4 amazing days.