Most Beautiful Car of the Region Promo

26 Apr 2017
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It is extremely gratifying for us to see that people working with Viknar’off ™ are proud of their business. That is why the company keeps organizing various promos and contests to bring joy to our dealers. One of the most recent promos which is still in progress is called “Most Beautiful Car of the Region”. Its terms are very simple – all you need is to have a car and meet the set sales target – and you’ll get a four-wheeled business card.

Our partners from Ternopil and Lviv regions already drive the beautiful Viknar’off ™ branded cars, hurrying to add comfort and coziness to their clients’ dwellings. Now, it’s turn of Khmelnytsk region. Our promo won’t set aside any region where Viknar’off ™ works, and is going to brand a winner’s car in a new town each month.

We love Viknar’off ™! And we love the people who choose Viknar’off ™!