The More You Know, The More You Can

27 Feb 2017
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You think the studies begin on September, 1st? Well, here at Viknar’off ™, we begin our studies when the winter ends. It is no wonder – in spring it feels as if life starts anew, and one naturally wants to get new knowledge for more active business development.

This year, by the good old tradition, we organize an educational marathon again. It has started with a seminar lead by our all-time coach with invaluable wealth of knowledge and 17-year experience in the industry of window structures sales – Eugenia Bedriy. The seminar on the topic “Professional retail sales of Viknar’off ™ PVC structures”

was not only a nice occasion to gather our dealers together under our roof. It also presented a great opportunity to answer the numerous questions from our partners concerning their work, and learn much new information to feel confident and serve our clients at the highest level.

As the saying goes, ‘Master of information – master of situation”. If you partner with Viknar’off ™, you’re already halfway to success, as we never lose the opportunity to get maximum of useful knowledge and pass it on to you.

We love our partners and look forward to the following seminars!