Viknar’off Makes its Debut at Fensterbau Frontale 2016 International Exhibition

19 Mar 2016

Fensterbau Frontale exhibition was held on March 16-19 in Nuremberg, Germany. This event is a real klondike devoted to the innovation technology and new ideas in window manufacturing and facade design. Fensterbau Frontale is one of the important industry events, a leading European exhibition taking place biennially and attracting the renowned specialists in window and facade industry, architects and constructors. Here,  the latest developments of window production, modern tendencies of using glass constructions in architecture, cutting-edge technologies etc are displayed.

This year, Viknar’off has become the first Ukrainian PVC- constructions manufacturer participating in the exhibition. Since the company is actively developing and building cooperation relationships with foreign dealers, participation in Fensterbau Frontale is a good platform for seeking partners.

Our stand for exhibition visitors was notable thanks to the Ukrainian style elements it was decorated with. Viknar’off always does its best to support the image of our country, and we are proud to have honourably represented the company and Ukraine in the European market. We strive to conquer the world market with high quality national product, which would be associated with Ukraine in the international society. We take efforts to get across the truth about our country, advocate its accomplishments and values.

Our stand displayed company products and its innovation achievements. Viknar’off never stops searching for the new ways of developing and improving its produce.

Company delegates who represented Viknar’off at the exhibition, wore the clothes with national elements, which attracted public attention and were in favour among the photographers.

We expect that participation in the international exhibition will be beneficial for Viknar’off as well as its existing and prospective clients, since everything we do in our day-to-day work is aimed at satisfying their needs.

We also believe that Viknar’off will make a significant contribution into the foreign economic activity of Ukraine.


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