“Favourites of Success” 2015

21 Jan 2016

For three years in a row, Viknar’off™ has been rewarded at the “Favourites of Success” trademark contest. This year, it won in the nomination “Overwhelming Favourite of Success”.

The consumers’ voting that took place during the year 2015 defined which products and services on the Ukrainian market are the best and most favoured by the public. Viknar’off™ was voted for in the category “Construction” – “PVC windows manufacturers”.

Finding the contest winners is a three-stage process. At the first stage, it is experts who distribute their votes. The experts committee includes narrow specialists, representatives of the specialized media, scientists from the field-oriented educational establishments, medical practitioners, representatives of the consumer rights organisations, specialists from state and public organisations as well as from other enterprises, institutes and organisations working in the branches of national economy to which the contestants belong.

The second stage involves celebrities who share their opinion on the product quality and brand popularity.

The final third stage is the most important, as it is the consumers’ voting itself. So, the companies’ clients can give their voice to their favourites. Out of 36,184 respondents, 41,5% voted for Viknar’off™ company.

“Favourites of Success” is the first and only public trademark contest with open ratings in Ukraine. It has been held yearly since 2003 using the transparent procedure of studying the public opinion and with the purpose of defining the best, most sought-after and recommended products and services trademarks on the Ukrainian market. According to the contest methodology, the opinion of ordinary consumers, experts, Ukrainian celebrities (aristocracy of talent and business) is taken into account when defining the Favourites of Success.

The contest results are revised by InMind marketing research company and undergo audit at the Kyiv international institute of sociology.

Viknar’off™ is thankful to everyone who trusts us and makes their choice in favour of our products. It is you to whom we owe our improvement!