Viknar’off offers windowsills from ™ Openteck

Open Teck windowsills

Open Teck windowsills are made of eco-friendly non-combustible materials. Their resistance to moisture and microorganisms impact let use the PVC sills in the conditions of nonstandard temperature and humidity. Durable, damp- and shock-resistant Open Teck windowsills are not subject to corrosion or mould and are easy to wash. Special film coating makes their surface resistant to mechanical damage, wear, shocks, aggressive stains and the effects of household detergents.

The construction of stiffening ribs ensures windowsills strength, so that they don’t sag, feature low thermal expansivity and high thermal resistance properties. The sills require no extra colouring, lacquering or special maintenance, they don’t attract dust. In case of stains it’s enough to simply wash the sill with the light soap solution.

Their service life is pretty long and even after 30-40 years of use the windowsills appearance does not change.

Open Teck windowsills are available in three finishes: White, Golden oak and Light marble.