Training on the Subject “Professional Retail Sales of Viknar’off ™ PVC Constructions”

25 Apr 2016

As a Ukrainian saying goes, “Learning is silver, and practice is gold”. Therefore, the event that gathers together practitioners who share their expertise is sure to bring outstanding results. This was the purpose of the seminars on the subject “Professional Retail Sales of Viknar’off ™ PVC Constructions” that were held on April 15-16.

The trainings were lead by a guest from Vinnytsia, a business trainer on staff development Eugenia Bedriy who shared her personal 17-years experience in the window industry with Viknar’off sales managers. During the two days the seminar was attended by over fifty people.

As an advanced company, Viknar’off considers intellectual development of its staff members and business partners a priority, since only by joint efforts we keep the leading position on the window market of Ukraine.