Viknar’off ™ Three-Day Seminar in Ternopil

11 Mar 2016

Maestros of the window industry from Viknar’off ™ company, having responded to the numerous dealers’ requests, organized a seminar in Ternopil which went on for three days in a row, March 2-4. The subject of the seminar was as follows: “Key aspects of cooperation and future perspectives of the window business”.

The meeting was held at the Viknar’off plant boardroom. It was lead by the trainers Rostyslav Vatah (Head of Sales Department) and Yuriy Sliusarchyn (a representative of Siegenia – a German hardware company).

As always, the atmosphere of the event was warm and homely. There were a lot of timely and up-to-date questions, which were answered promptly. All attendees received gifts from the company and, more importantly, the invaluable experience that will help them confidently look to the future and significantly increase their sales figures.

There turned out to be quite a lot of people who wished to attend the event. Over 75 attendees managed to devote a few hours on their agenda to the seminar that will bring them excellent results in the long view.

We trust that this meeting with trainers and Viknar’off™ top managers will lay the foundation for new similar events. For us, they always mean enjoyable commissions and pleasant memories.

Yours faithfully,

Viknar’off ™

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