Viknar’off ™ Seminars

01 Apr 2017
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The sun is shining outside, and the Viknar’off ™ people demonstrate their burning desire to learn new things.

Today, one of the Viknar’off ™ offices hosts an event for our friends – sales managers who work in our dealers’ offices and successfully sell the structures of our own make.

Each of them is here to improve, become a better professional and learn to provide immaculate service for our clients.

Again, one of the best business coaches of the window industry – Eugenia Bedriy, is here to uncover the most effective sales strategies, answer all questions

that arise during the daily work, and motivate everyone to set and pursue their individual professional goals.

We welcome everyone willing to develop along with us and to make happier each person who chooses Viknar’off ™.

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