Viknar’off Holds a Training for its Partners in Zhytomyr

18 Mar 2016

The wave of trainings is gathering speed, carrying along all Viknaroff™ dealers. On March, 11, a meeting between the company representatives and their business partners took place in Zhytomyr. Its subject was as follows: “Key aspects of Viknaroff™ cooperation”.

 The meeting was initiated by a company dealer who invited his partners to it. Well, each successful business owner clearly realizes that it is knowledge and experience that help to be always one step ahead, together with Viknaroff ™.

 The meeting commenced with an interesting company presentation, which revealed its history and key areas of business.

 Then, followed a brief outline of the  technical matters: profile systems composition, hardware samples, as well as the energy saving issues, which are extremely up-to-date in view of the current situation in Ukraine.

 The meeting was held in warm and friendly atmosphere, highlighting the strong connections within our Viknaroff™ family.

 We deeply appreciate our partners’ interest in the company, its produce, the process of window manufacturing and their proposal to organize such meetings more often.