Two Days of Success: Viknar’off ™ Training

11 Mar 2016

The two-day training on the subject “Professional retail sales of Viknar’off ™ PVC-constructions” drew capacity audiences. Eugenia Bedriy, a business trainer on staff development who led the event was invited from Vinnytsia. Her unique secrets and a number of cases from her experience were really valuable for all dealers present.

Everyone was greatly pleased with the training, as it made a great stimulus to develop and boost sales.

In the future, the company plans on organizing more trainings on different subjects with Eugenia Bedriy as well as other experts on the window market of Ukraine.

Viknar’off ™, as a well-developed company, gives priority to the intellectual development of its employees and business partners, as thanks to our united efforts we keep leading the window industry of Ukraine.


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