Three-Day Training for Window Fitters from Viknar’off ™

04 Apr 2016

Window fitters from all over Ukraine arrived to the Viknar’off ™ factory. These masters of their craft who wish to further excell their skills, attended the trainings that were held on March 29-31. The trainings were lead by O. Kessler – a specialist in the field, an expert of the window market of Ukraine, and Project Manager of “Window consulting” project.

The seminar was devoted to the subject “Installation. Operability depends on you”.

The following topics were discussed in the course of the training:

1.Measurement as the foundation of the correct installation.

2. Installation tools.

3. Construction deinstallation. Procedure and peculiarities.

4. Installing constructions in compliance with the state standard.

5. Installing constructions using vapor- and damp-proof films.

6. Rules of conduct onsite.

7. Teamwork: Manager-Measurer-Fitter.

8. Role of a fitter in creating the company image.

The three seminars were attended by 57 window fitters. Upon finishing, each of them obtaines a certificate that enables them to say that they are certified specialists who keep abreast of the innovations in the window business.

We express our special gratitude to Yuriy Sliusarchyn, a representative of Siegenia (Germany), who talked about advantages of the German hardware. He proved by deed, not just by word that with Siegenia Titan hardware you can sleep easily. Everyone had an opportunity to try to open the window from the outside using a masterkey. However, as a matter of practice, the desired result of breaking through the window was achieved only by a group of strong men with crowbars after investing lots of time and efforts for it. This experiment again demostrates that you can feel perfectly safe with Viknar’off ™ windows in combination with Siegenia (Germany) hardware.

Viknar’off ™ is thankful to the trainers who were giving our window fitters the benefit of their experience during the three days, as well as to everyone who visited the factory and shared their experience.

It is owing to our collaborative effort that we keep our leadership on the Ukrainian window market.