«Viknar’off Best 2015» Leader’s Feast!

11 Dec 2015

On Saturday, December 5th, “Berezil” culture centre hosted a grandiose festival for Viknar’off company. It was organized to sum up the year’s work results and find the winners of the promo held among the brand’s dealers.

2015 year was сhallenging for Ukraine. However, for Viknar’off this anniversary year has become truly successful. 10 years ago our company made its first steps in business, and now its achievements are impressive!

Viknar’off has become a national leader in the segment of PVC windows and doors production. Today, Viknar’off is one of the most well-known and recognized brands in Ukraine. By what has become a tradition, our company products have won a number of prestigious rewards at multiple competitions. For thousands of its customers, Viknar’off brand has become a symbol of top quality and innovations. Surely, the company’s success wouldn’t be complete without its long-time partners.

The close collaboration of the Ternopil manufacturer with the world-famous companies (Alluplast, Siegenia, Accado) was stressed at the feast. These brands’ representatives announced their winners.

The effective work of all company dealers (big, medium and small) was also noted, since without it Viknar’off couldn’t have made its huge leap forward. Also, the winners were found among dealers in ten prestigious nominations (“Breakthrough of the Year”, “Reliable Partner”, “The Best Newcomer” etc).

Next, all present dealers were intrigued by the company promo giveaway. A few dozens of luckies received their lightboxes, running letters, ground signs, tablets etc.

Everyone present was impressed with the performances of Roman Sasanchyn, the winner of the national contest “Voice.Children”, Petro Skazkiv, a dulcimer player,  the participant of “Ukraine Got Talent” show, a bandura players duet “Elegy of the strings” and “Variiaty Show”. But the true queen of the feast was Vierka Serdiuchka. Her appearance onstage totally carried everyone off their feet. Apart from performing her music hits, the Ukrainian celebrity had one more noble mission. It was Vierka Serdiuchka who decided the main “lucky man” of the festival, who became the owner of a new car. The Fortune favoured Olexandr Ivashchenko. It might have seemed this was the climax of the event, as what can be more significant than the car as a prize? Another car! It came as a shock for everyone present that one more car would be raffled off among the participants of the promo. And so it happened! It’s hard to imagine the feelings of another winner of the promotion – Viktor Prokopenko. Our congratulations to all the winners!

Viknar’off company proved once again that it not only can work effectively, reaffirming its leadership, but also organize great leisure and appreciate those who ensures its prosperity every hour, every day.

We hope that each person present was pleased with the «Viknar’off Best 2015» festival. So, now we just need to wait until such an event in a year to get another portion of excitement, prizes and the feeling that thanks to the companies like Viknar’off, Ukraine will eventually become the country of the dreams that come true!