Viknar’off ™ at the Viennese Ball

02 Apr 2016

Within the program “Viknar’off ™: Caring for the Future”, our company was a prime sponsor of the Viennese Ball.

On March, 31, the biggest concert hall in Western Ukraine – Podolyany Hall hosted the Viennese Ball. This event was organized by CITY LIFE Media Group and Eugeniy Hrabas. The guests were offered up entertainment with ballroom dances. famous singers’ songs as well as giveaways, contest games and gifts. Three universities of the city – the Ternopil National Pedagogical University, the Ternopil Institute of Social and Information Technologies and the Ternopil State Medical University presented staged dances that had been prepared during a month in advance.

Customarily, the event was opened by 50 couples dancing polonaise. World music was performed by the Galician Municipal Chamber Orchestra. During the night, it played the pieces of music that are traditional at Viennese balls. All guests were treated to wonderful songs performed by Borys Repka, an Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Nadia Hural, a prize winner of numerous national and European song contests and Akord Quartet from Ternopil.

In the course of the ball, the jury were watching the debutants’ dancing skills and at the close of the night, they announced the King and Queen of the ball. Moreover, the jury honoured the most gracious couple among the guests of the ball – they were an Akord Quartet vocalist and his wife.

The ball hosts also held a charity auction. The raised money was given to the Ternopil organization of “Samooborona” for the needs of anti-terror operation soldiers. The auction lots were presented by Media Group CITY LIFE.

The atmosphere of tenderness was created by popular Ternopil dancing groups Alliance and Perlyna. The ball was closed by debutants dancing a Viennese waltz to the Schtraus music.

Iryna Novomlynska and Yuriy Mikoff took on hosting duties at The Viennese Ball 2016.

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