Viknar’off™ Visiting Aluplast Partners in Germany

21 Jan 2016

On January 14th, the representatives of Viknar’off™ visited their good friends and reliable partners – Aluplast  plant, located in Ettlingen, a small German town with a long history. The town was first mentioned back in the year of 788, and its picturesque architecture, breathtaking views as well as ancient buildings make one wander along its streets without any traces of weariness virtually endlessly. This cosy town is where the history of Aluplast roots back, the company whose sales geography has now been extended to 34 countries around the globe.

The trip was pretty busy and full of new emotions. We spent our first day at the Aluplast plant, where everything made a great impression upon us. The excursion started  with a detailed company presentation that was held on the ground floor of its office center. The company history is really fascinating. Aluplast was founded in 1982 by Manfred Jurgen Seitz. At that time, it had over 150 competitors, but now they are no more than 5.  We were lucky to meet mr. Seitz in person. His friendliness and treatment of his subordinates inspire great respect, especially taken his high position.

In Germany, starting a plant is a very challenging process, since it requires taking into account all details, which cannot be changed later on during its operation. This is why the plant construction project included the space for production expansion.Each second reminded us we were in Germany, the country where discipline and order are given primary importance and business style is prevalent. Everything we saw was tidy and well thought out, aimed at development and ultimate work conditions.The manufacturing facilities that continuously fabricate the product take up 7 floors, which virtually don’t require human participation. At the first 5 floors there are no workers except for one or two employees accomodated in cosy offices and controlling the whole process on the computer. Only at the end of our excursion did we meet more employees. We even could talk Russian with some of them, since the plant employs the representatives of different nationalities who have quite an easy time working side by side.

We had a great conversation on various topics with mr. Manfred Seitz and his son over a glass of fresh German beer and delicious dinner. Cars, family, sport, business development, politics – even the language difference didn’t hinder us to talk about them. Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, sometimes Polish languages were heard around the table, but all people present perfectly understood each other. It is very reassuring to know that thanks to such reliable partners Viknar’off™ has a great potential for further growth. As a German saying goes, “Eine Schwalbe macht noch keinen Sommer” – “One swallow doesn’t make a summer”, but together our two companies – Aluplast and Viknar’off™- are well on their way to success.

The second day of our trip proved to be no less exciting. Aluplast company invited us on an excursion to the Mersedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart, the homeland of Mersedes-Benz trademark and the international headquarters of Daimler AG. The museum exhibits over 160 display items – vehicles dating back to different stages of the plant history. They range from the first internal-combustion engine and the carriage with the speedy (for that time) engine, both designed and produced in 1883, to modern models: sport cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, futuristic models and other cars.

Viknar’off™ willingly adopts its European partner’s experience and introduces new technologies of production and quality control, compliant with standards of many European and other world countries. It is great to have confidence and trust people you cooperate with – working with Aluplast is exactly the case, and we are proud of it.

We express our sincere gratitude to Aluplast and its German representatives, meeting whom has been the source of inspiration for Viknar’off employees.